Caramel "Cami" Kisses


CH. Cobblestone 'N Hideaway's Caramel Kisses JE RATS CA

Parsons are a wonderful breed and extremely active.  They are small dogs with a big dog mentality, extremely smart, overly adorable, often manipulative, very independent, extremely loving, and a hoot to have around.  They are not for everyone though.   If you are considering a Parson, please learn about the breed and ensure this breed is for you.   If you decide on a Parson, then jump on you're about to have an incredible ride!!!



Cami has been bred and we are expecting puppies March 2017.   If you are interested in learning more please contact us or visit Cami's Puppy Page at


Cami comes from a long line of wonderful and healthy PRTs and we look forward to welcoming Cami puppies to the world.